how I shoot…

“No man who ever bothers with originality will ever be original… whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (no matter how many times it’s been told) you will become original without ever having noticed.”   C. S Lewis


 Life is short… sometimes it goes by without us noticing.  It’s made up of a million tiny moments that are amazing… and worth remembering.  Moments that should be captured so that life, your life, can be remembered.

My heart lies in telling these moments in your story… in making images that have genuine emotional connection.


My heart is to tell of a mother’s love as she comforts her child…


of a Grandfather’s connection with his grandchild…


of the moment the bride pins the buttonhole to her fathers jacket…


of the faith best friends share…


to tell of the moment you first hold your newborn


… and when you steal a moment to honour traditions…


I want you to remember how small those shoes really were


and how many times you had to stop your daughter stealing batter mixture


and of the watchful big sister she was….


I do love to gather you all together…


but mostly, mostly I love to capture the way you lived





















But I don’t promise magazine perfection… because that’s not the truth.  The truth is life is joyous and hard… the truth is laughter and tears… and it’s what you will remember when you are grey and wrinkled…


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